The Crypto Joint is a collectible NFT artwork waiting to be smoked somewhere in the Metaverse.

In this collection, 10.000 unique and tastefull joints will be available in form of NFT to be purchased and enjoyed as you want, each one with their own characteristics from inside and outside the paper. The joints presented here are definetely going to change your conception about artistic joints and we are sure that the first thing you’ll want to do is smoke it all in once.

So grab your artpiece in form of a delicious joint and join us in our crypto session 🍁🍀


O Confeiteiro is an iconic artist from Brazil, that have emerged from and to serve our lovely cannabis culture.

This artist is well known in his country as a confectioner, for roling the most beautiful luxury joints you have ever seen or will see, and without a doubt the most delicious ever to be tasted.

With golden hands, O Confeiteiro turns the ritual of rolling and smoking a joint into an art exhibition, an expression of artist’s feelings and intentions, and an explosion of flavors during an outstanding smoke sessions.